The latest DAH line-up is a new take on classic icons of Marvel Super Heroes. Combining the technologically advanced Iron Man suit with a noble European medieval knight's armour, this unique mashup of old and new is an exclusive design from the minds of Beast Kingdom .

#Who doesn’t love gold?
In addition to the classic red & gold color scheme of Iron Man’s suit, we are proud to launch a special "Medieval Knight - Iron Man Golden version" in order to commemorate the 1st release of our Medieval Age Marvel Super Heroes. This version is the standard edition DAH-046, albeit with a full chrome golden armor.

#Electroplating process
In order to create a full golden armor, we have gone the extra mile with the Electroplating process. The ABS plastic density used on the body has been strengthened at over 90% of the ABS used in previous releases. The polished looking metal gives an attractive layer for collectors to enjoy. Used mostly for armored type suits, Electroplating not only gives off a high-end looking, glistening sheen, it also shows off the complex craftsmanship involved in bringing to life such detailed designs.

#A cape fit for a Superhero
A premium red cape is included exclusively for this edition, as Red & Gold is always a symbolic color for our beloved Iron Man!

#Lights up feature
The indispensable ARC REACTOR reaction furnace for Iron Man has a built-in light-emitting function and is presented as a sapphire symbolizing identity.

#Wide selection of Accessories
A comprehensive set of accessories are at the ready for battle as well. A sword, shield, spear as well as wrist artilleries look as though they are straight out of the Middle Ages! They match with Iron Man's signature hand mounted repulsors, energy effects, as well as a set of energy potions and bombs strapped to his waist as issued by Iron Man's trusty alchemist!